The future of memberships will be powered by Nfts

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NFTs give brands the ability to supercharge membership and loyalty

The first membership that appreciates with spend

Customers can treat their membership or loyalty status as an investment- the more they interact with your brand, the more perks and benefits they accrue, the more valuable their NFT becomes.

Membership status that travels with the customers wherever they go

NFT interoperability unlocks the ability to provide perks, rewards, and experiences throughout the physical and digital world.

Identity that builds community like brands have never seen before

Each NFT has an inherent identity and status, amplifying social incentives within the community.


Launch NFT memberships that unlock perks, benefits, and status for your community.

Effortlessly build codeless contracts on any chain

Our no-code contract builder and automated art generator make it easy and intuitive for brands to quickly spin up NFT memberships.

Completely customizable mint pages built for scale

Easy to use site builder that scales with traffic, and integrates seamlessly with your website, popular wallets, and third party exchanges.

Instantly provide utility with token-gated features

Leverage an ecosystem of native features and third-party integrations to provide members with exclusive experiences.

Integrate your IT stack to connect rewards and manage members

Out of the box integrations allows you to set up and manage a membership program with ease.

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Turn your customers into your stakeholders

Hang gives brands the power of web3 through its NFT-based membership platform, using new reward mechanics and technology to increase customer loyalty and LTV.

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