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NFTs give brands the ability to supercharge membership and loyalty

The first membership that grows with spend

Customers can now own their membership and loyalty status - the more they interact with your brand, the more perks and benefits they accrue, the more desired their NFT becomes.

Membership status that travels with customers wherever they go

NFT interoperability unlocks the ability to provide perks, rewards, and experiences throughout the physical and digital world.

Identity that builds community like brands have never seen before

Each NFT has an inherent identity and status, amplifying social incentives within the community.


Launch NFT memberships and provide perks, benefits, and status to your community

Choose your program type

Build a fixed membership program where customers can purchase an NFT membership card to unlock benefits within your brand and with your partners.
Build a custom loyalty program where customers earn points on spend, events, referrals, social engagement, and more to level up their NFT membership card.

Reward your most loyal customers

Unique Benefits

Create unique rewards like discounts, giveaways, events, exclusive access, and more that incentivize your customers to interact with your brand.

Tier-Based Programs

Galvanize your customers with tier-based programs that drive them towards goals that unlock a new tier of rewards and benefits once accomplished.

Dynamic Rewards

Add rewards and update your membership program in real-time based on your program analytics to optimize membership experiences for your customers.

Built for your customer experience

Sign Up With Email

Customers can sign up and redeem their membership NFTs with only an email. No crypto wallet necessary.

Easily Redeem Rewards

Seamlessly incorporate our white-labeled customer rewards portal onto your site for your customers to access their benefits with one click.

Access Unique Customer Insights

High Level Program Metrics

Utilize real-time reward redemption data to snapshot membership program ROI to optimize and improve customer engagement.

Powerful Customer Behavior Data

Easily access individual customer interaction data to identify and understand the needs of your most loyal customers.

Easily integrate with your business

Full Service Minting Solution

Our no-code contract builder, automated art generator, and mint page builder make it easy and intuitive for you to quickly spin up NFT memberships.

Tech Stack Integrations

Integrate your membership program with your CRM, POS, e-commerce store, marketing software, and more to supercharge your customer relationships.

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Turn your customers into your stakeholders

Hang gives brands the power of web3 through its NFT-based membership platform, using new reward mechanics and technology to increase customer loyalty and LTV.

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