Offset rising CAC by increasing the value of your existing customer base

Easily build a program – no coding required

Hang’s easy-to-use platform allows any brand to create membership programs, spin up rewards, and develop tiered point systems with rules-based logic in a matter of minutes.

Align incentives between brands and customers

Incentivize customers through ownable status. Verify actions that customers take, reward them with points, and offer customized perks, rewards, and experiences across the physical & digital world.

Track customers across every touchpoint

Modern brands operate in increasingly complex environments. With Hang, it’s simple to verify a user’s identity across all channels and meet them where they are.


Make your loyalty program a multiplayer experience with game design elements

Choose your program type

Subscription Program
Build a fixed membership program (subscription or one-time fee) where customers can pay for their membership to unlock benefits with your brand and partners.
Free-to-Join Program
Build a loyalty program where customers earn points on spend, events, referrals, social engagement, and more to level up to a higher tier.

Reward your most loyal customers

Exciting benefits

Utilize game design features to engage customers and create a multiplayer experience, as well as traditional rewards such as discounts, free products, exclusive access, and more.

Tier-based programs

Motivate your customers to unlock new rewards & benefits as they level up to higher tiers.

Dynamic rewards

Add rewards and update your program in real-time to test & optimize experiences for your customers.

Create a frictionless customer experience

Sign up with email or phone number

Customers can sign up for a membership with nothing more than an email or phone number.

Easy-to-redeem rewards

Seamlessly incorporate Hang’s white-labeled customer rewards portal into your experience for customers to access their benefits with one click, tap, or scan.

Access unique customer insights

Key program metrics

Utilize real-time reward redemption data to analyze program ROI and improve customer engagement.

Next-level customer data

Access data on customer behavior to better understand who your most loyal customers are, where they interact with your brand, and what their needs are.

Harness the power of interoperability

Streamline brand partnerships

Create custom brand collaborations and easily offer benefits to partner brand communities in a matter of minutes.

Integrate your entire tech stack

Connect your loyalty program with your CRM, POS, eCommerce store, social channels, and more to supercharge your customer relationships.

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Launch a loyalty program built for the future

Hang equips brands to create loyalty programs built on next generation web3 technology to deepen customer relationships and align incentives.

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